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                        Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why is it called ‘White’ Water Rafting?
A. White Water Rafting got its name since Raft is the inflatable boat that you ride to paddle through the rough waters and rapids; ‘White’ Water because the frothing rapids of a guzzling river makes the water appear – White.

Q. Is White Water Rafting dangerous?
A. Like any adventure sport, White Water Rafting too has an element of risk and there is a certain chance to seriously injure yourself if the precautions are not taken or you have been careless in adhering to the instructions given by the professional river guide. However, this risk can be minimised to negligible level by choosing your White Water Rafting operator carefully. You should check whether your operator is a licenced and Government approved Rafting company.

Q. What is the difference between Kayaking and Canoeing?
A. Kayak is a mostly a closed craft with curved edges, and was invented by the Eskimos who used Kayaks to steer through ice. These days you get either fiberglass/plastic based Kayaks or inflatable Kayaks made of PVC. River and White Water Kayaking are very popular in India and Nepal, while internationally Sea Kayaking is extremely popular.
Canoe has its origin in the Amazon, and is an open craft with pointed edges to steer through still waters. In India, a Shikara as used in the lakes of Kashmir and also at Nainital, is a version of Canoe.

Q. Do I need to be a swimmer to enjoy White Water Rafting?
A. While knowing swimming does help and you can enjoy a few allied activities like Body Surfing, more but it is not necessary to know swimming to enjoy White Water Rafting. As such swimming without supervision of professional river guides is completely not recommended and can be very dangerous even for expert swimmers. International grade safety gear like Personal Floatation Device (better known as Life Jacket), Helmets, Rescue Bags and supervision of an expert guide is all that you need for safe White Water Rafting fun.

Q. Is White Water Rafting on Ganga possible in Winters?
A. As against the common myth, winters are the best time of the best for White Water Rafting on Ganga, in and around Rishikesh. Rishikesh being a low pollution area mostly has clear, smog and fog free skies even in winters. Secondly, the Ganga being a glacier fed river has warmer water in winters and cooler in summers. Moreover, between October and February the rapids are in their prime since the water level is lower and the rocks gaze at the sun as the guzzling Ganga smashes against them and forms even bigger waves and rapids. And finally, the official season for White Water Rafting on Ganga is between September and June.

Q. Where can I buy Rafting and Kayaking Gear in India?
A. You can buy the most extensive range of international grade White Water Rafting and Kayaking gear from Huckfinn Adventure Gear store or from www.huckfinn.in. Huckfinn markets the most extensive range of international adventure gear produced by some of the top brands in the world. Sharkfinn range of White Water Rafting and Kayaking gear available with Huckfinn, is the only manufacturer of the most extensive range White Water Rafting gear in India.

Q. Why Treks ‘n Rapids?
A. Treks ‘n Rapids (P) Ltd (www.treksnrapids.com) is a professionally managed and internationally present adventure tourism company, founded in 2002 by the alumni of NMIMS Mumbai and Harvard Business School. In addition to being India's first Dun & Bradstreet Certified adventure sports company, it has also been Voted No.1 Adventure Travel and Experiential Learning company in India, five times between 2005 & 2011 and provides you complete facilities for White Water Rafting and allied sports in India. From half day White Water Rafting runs to multi day expeditions, to luxury accommodation based rafting holidays and equipment, if it is white water rafting…then you are in the best hands.



Credentials & Testimonials
"Thank you for organizing the flawless Rock Climbing Course at Whispering Pines for us. Your equipment is great and the instructors are experts."
-Mr. Sami Kurimov
"Thank you for organizing the flawless Rock Climbing Course at Whispering Pines for us. Your equipment is great and the instructors are experts."
-Mr. Sami Kurimov
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